Second Hand Instruments

We have an extensive list of second hand instruments, most of which we are selling on behalf of our customers.  Every day we have people buying instruments and bringing new ones to us soÖour second hand list is rarely completely up to date.  This does of course mean that we always have a varied selection of instruments of historical and current interest.

On arrival at the shop an instrument for commission sale is assessed in two ways; first itís age and then, most importantly, itís condition.  These things dictate the price that it is sold at.  If the instrument is in poor condition, we will ask the customer to service or even overhaul it, in which case we will suggest they give it to Matt Ziemann our resident flute repair man.  See Mattís repair page for a definition of service and overhaul as they are often misunderstood.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

How quickly do you think you can sell my instrument?
It depends on several things. First and most importantly is whether we have a customer who may be interested in what you are trying to sell through us, we never know who might walk through the door!!..  So the answer is, it could be 10 minutes or 10 years, we just canít tell.  We do, however, produce a comprehensive list of our used instruments which we mail out constantly and make every effort to sell used instruments as quickly as possible.

So what are the easiest instruments to sell second hand?
Sought after new or historical ones in good condition.  Examples are things like Yamaha 211S or at the opposite end of the scale, Cooper or Brannen-Cooper.  

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