We stock a large range of new and second hand piccolos right through from inexpensive beginner instruments to hand made professional instruments.

The following listing shows those brands we have in stock new, or are available to order.

Lillian Burkart trained as a head joint maker at Powell and was responsible for building the Powell piccolos until the early 1990s.  At that time she left Powell to set up on her own.  She is recognised as one of the top piccolo makers in the world, producing a variety of head joint styles for the instrument and experimenting with other materials.  In 1998, with her husband Jim Phelan, who gained much of his flute making experience at Powell too, she has introduced a new piccolo to the market 

We invariably have Lillian’s piccolos in stock, with a selection of alternative head joints to choose from.

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The Hammig family has been making instruments in Markneukirchen, Germany since 1781.  From the early 1800’s they have made many different woodwind instruments including oboe, bassoon, basset-horn, serpent as well as flute and flute d’amores.  Famous members of the family have been Helmut, Johannes, August Richard and Philipp.  Their reputation as piccolo makers has been established by brothers Philipp and August Richard. The instruments carrying the name Philipp Hammig remain the most prolific to date.

In the U.K. the most popular model is that which has a thinned wooden head joint with reform lip style.  This is available with or without high G# mechanism.  Other models are available to order.

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Pearl PFP105E

New from Pearl the latest piccolo made from Grenaditte (a type of plastic resin). This model is a direct copy of Hans Reiner piccolo number 56 and although it has been built as a student instrument it plays better than most piccolos that cost twice as much


Yamaha produce the most popular student piccolos available.  The two models have the following specifications:

YPC32  Resin body with silverplated head joint and key work, E mechanism.
YPC62  Wooden body and head joint, silverplated key work, E mechanism.

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