Bass Flutes

Altus supplies an all silverplated, nickel silver bass flute with hand cut solid lip plate and riser.  The instrument uses a William Bennett scale and has E mechanism and trill keys as standard.  All touch pieces are grenadilla wood.  It is supplied in a sturdy case with case cover, having a shoulder strap for easy carriage.

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As well as making high quality hand made alto and bass flutes, Eva is world renowned for her pioneering work in developing the quarter tone bass and alto and concert flute especially created for use in contemporary music employing extended techniques. This key system has all the normal touch pieces that you would expect on the flute but also has 6 piggy-back keys and B foot and C# trill keys as standard to create the quarter tones.  In addition to using the system on her own concert flutes Eva has collaborated with the Brannen-Cooper company to produce an 'Oston-Brannen' and 'Brannen-Cooper' version.  She has recently developed the 'Kingma System' for use on wooden flutes and altos and has also made two 'left-handed' flutes to order.  Eva uses Cooper scales and head joint design on her flutes.

Flutes are made to order.  Please contact us for availability.

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Two ranges from Pearl that are light, responsive and in tune. PFB305 model is the latest bass flute available and offers a bright responsive tone. The good value and low weight makes this an ideal bass flute for flute choirs and ensembles. The PFB305E comes with trill keys as standard.  

The Yamaha bass flute is made from a body tube of lacquered brass with silverplated, nickel silver key work and solid lip plate.

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Kotato and Fukushima – Sub-contrabass flutes

Kotato and Fukushima produce a range of the largest flutes available.  In addition to normal bass flutes they produce 'Contra-bass' and 'Contra-alto' flutes (i.e. an octave below the normal bass and alto) and also a Subcontra-bass (3 octaves below middle C!).  These flutes are very well designed and are astonishingly easy to play.  They are made individually to order, please contact us for more details.

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