Alto Flutes
The following pages give some information on the brands of alto flute that we hold in stock, both new and second hand.  Our stock fluctuates considerably so we advise you to contact us to make sure there will be a big enough selection when you come to try them.


Altus offers a range of alto flutes to enhance their range of concert flutes.  Instruments are available with solid lip plate, solid head joint or solid tube and can be supplied with curved or straight head joint, or both.  All have silverplated, nickel silver mechanism with grenadilla touch pieces.  18K gold plating is available to special order.
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Hammig (Philipp)

The Hammig family has been making instruments in Markneukirchen, Germany since 1781.  From the early 1800’s they have made many different woodwind instruments including oboe, bassoon, basset-horn, serpent as well as flute and flute d’amores.  Famous members of the family have been Helmut, Johannes, August Richard and Philipp.  The instruments carrying the name Philipp Hammig remain the most prolific to date with particular emphasis on the wooden piccolos, altos and
bass flutes.

Model 667/2

The Philipp Hammig alto flute is silverplated throughout and supplied with straight head joint.  It is a light weight instrument and has extended touch pieces in the left hand key work plus rollers on the foot joint keys that allow most people to play the instrument without undue strain on the hands.

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Eva Kingma

As well as making high quality hand made alto and bass flutes, Eva is world renowned for her pioneering work in developing the quarter tone bass and alto and concert flute especially created for use in contemporary music employing extended techniques. This key system has all the normal touch pieces that you would expect on the flute but also has 6 piggy-back keys and B foot and C# trill keys as standard to create the quarter tones.  In addition to using the system on her own concert flutes Eva has collaborated with the Brannen-Cooper company to produce an 'Oston-Brannen' and 'Brannen-Cooper' version.  She has recently developed the 'Kingma System' for use on wooden flutes and altos and has also made two 'left-handed' flutes to order.  Eva uses Cooper scales and head joint design on her flutes.

We often have a sample in stock to try but individual flutes are made to order.  Please contact us for availability.

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Two ranges from Pearl that are light, responsive and in tune.

PF201 range

PF201 range is silverplated with options of curved or straight headjoint.

206 range

206 range with a solid headjoint.  


The Sankyo Alto Flute comes in the following range of specifications:

Solid lip plate, silverplated body and key work
Solid head joint, silverplated body and key work
Solid tubing, silverplated key work


Curved head joint
B foot joint (F# foot)
C#/D# rollers
The left-hand key work is positioned differently between the curved head and straight head models to allow for the most comfortable playing position, depending on head joint style selected.
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The Yamaha alto flute is made from a body tube of lacquered brass with silverplated nickel silver key work and solid lip plate.  It is lightweight and comfortable to play and available with an optional curved head joint.
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