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Our flute repairs service remains available, and now offers free pick-up and return

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It is with sadness that we have closed the doors at Top Wind for the last time after nearly thirty years in business. It has been a difficult decision but a number of factors have brought us to this point.

In 2003 we hired an accountant who carried out all our accounting needs until 2015 and we assumed he was operating within the rules laid out by HMRC. Sadly, we were informed in 2015 that he was imprisoned for malpractice and since that time HMRC has investigated all of his 7500 clients to reclaim all unpaid taxes. This has caused a devastating effect on many of us who are victims of his crime.

Those of you who wishing to continue having repairs carried out by Matt Ziemann will be pleased to know he will still be available for 5 days a week carrying out services, repairs and overhauls.
Thank you to our wonderful staff both past and present and to all our customers and suppliers throughout the World.

Repair Service now located at:

32 Rectory Field Crescent
London SE7 7FB